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The Wycliffe Medical Practice
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Our Patient Group

Our meetings are informal with GPs and staff providing news and updates about the services we provide.  We often ask for advice and feedback to help develop and improve our services.  We also discuss what is going on in the wider health community.  Each year our Patient Group helps us to prepare a patient survey and to agree action points from your feedback.

Meetings are held approximately bi-monthly, from 7-8.30pm.  If you would like to join us please tell a member of our reception team or email us at

This year the meetings will take place on:

Tuesday 5th December 2017

If you would like to speak to a member of our Patient Group to find out more, please let us know and we will arrange for them to contact you.

If you are unable to attend or prefer not to attend the meetings but still wish to  be involved we can add you to our Online Patient Group and send you information and also seek you opinions and feedback from time to time via email.  Please click below to join our Online Patient Group:

You can read the minutes of our last meeting below:

Patient Group Meeting: 10 October 2017
Attendees:   Dr Johnson, Alison Shenton, Lynda Watts
Practice News
National Diabetes Prevention Programme has now been running for 4 weeks throughout September with numbers stable at around 12-15 per week.   The new times of 5.30-7.00pm have made it more accessible to patients who would find it difficult to attend during the working day.  This is also helpful as it means we can target younger patients and help to make a difference to their lives.

CCG Items
Extended Summary Care Record
Summary Care Records have been used to access records if patients attend A&E/Urgent Care centres or call the Out of Hours service.   The new Extended Summary Care Record is an “opt in” initiative but includes much more comprehensive information, including investigations, diagnoses, next of kin, as well as medications and allergies information available on the old version.   Alison showed a copy of the old version SCR along with the new version of an ESCR to the group which highlighted the main differences.
The Practice launched the new initiative at our Saturday morning flu clinic with a simple consent form for patients to sign to “opt in”.  Dr Johnson shared that a GP from another practice outside of the county who is registered as a patient here attended the flu clinic and took one to use at his practice.  The group were invited to take forms with them for personal use and also for any friends/family registered at the Practice.   There will be information on the website, in the newsletter and available at Reception.
Flu Clinics
Flu clinics are currently running through October and November and this year our vaccine contains four strains of flu and therefore offers wider protection to all.   We would also encourage patients to have the vaccination as early as possible in the season to provide maximum protection.   At the moment, GP practices are able to offer the flu vaccine to over 65 years olds and patients with lung, heart, kidney disease, diabetes or those who have suffered a stroke.   Patients eligible for a free NHS flu jab were targeted by letter/text and also advertisements in the local Swift Flash.  The take up by over 65 year olds here traditionally is not as good as we would have hoped, however we do usually have a better than average take up by those patients who have chronic diseases.   At the time of the meeting around 100 patients have had their flu vaccination at the pharmacy as many received their vaccines before we did.  This indicates that the pharmacies are likely to vaccinate more of our patient this year as they tend to be able to offer opportunistically.  Many patients visit the Pharmacy to have their flu jab, however, the vaccine used is only trivalent strain and whilst we are not able to advertise that our vaccine is quadrivalent, we are letting patients know ours has the 4 strains.
We are also running children’s clinics for 2 and 3 year olds with the vaccine being administered nasally.  All practice staff have been encouraged to have the vaccination.
The Practice is also taking part in the flu surveillance scheme whereby if a patient comes to the surgery exhibiting flu like symptoms, swabs will be taken (up to 10 per week) and used by public health services to monitor statistics, strains, etc.
Update on doctors
Alison updated the group on new personnel to the clinical team.  Dr Tom Evans has joined the Practice, working here one day per week, each Monday.  He has many years’ experience, having been a partner in a Practice in Northampton, and is a great addition to our team.  Dr Pettifer qualified earlier this year and has since moved on to a new position.  In his place, Dr Venkat Thiaragaran has joined us as an ST3 Registrar doctor until August 2018.
National Patients Survey Results 2017
Alison shared with the group the results of the latest Patient Survey, copy attached to minutes.   Patients who have visited the surgery within the last 6 months are randomly selected and invited to take part in the survey.   The latest results show a completion rate of 49% and in many of the areas we are significantly above CCG and national average. 
One area for improvement is the amount of time patients wait after their appointment time to be seen.   We are currently displaying notices on each of the GP’s doors explaining that a 10 minute appointment is realistically only long enough to discuss one problem.   Dr Johnson explained that the GPs who work full-time run 8 clinic sessions per week alongside the 2 part-time ST1 registrars who work 4 sessions.  One option would be to operate a system where patients register with a specific GP and only see this doctor; however, this practice works less well with larger practices.
Overall, we are very pleased with the results.
Patient Group
Alison asked if there was any update on the car park situation.  The recent flu clinics may have had a temporary effect on parking however only one or two patients expressed concerns about the difficulty parking.  There are new charges for parking within Lutterworth which potentially could affect our car park.  Alison said that on checking with the Landlord, they reported that we have more car parking than all their other medical practices.
It was agreed that we would set up a book for people who had difficulty parking when visiting the surgery to sign.  We would then check this after a period of around two weeks and if it was found to be a significant problem then it might be a good idea for the patient group to carry out a further physical survey.   Dr Johnson also said that if there was considerable evidence, we could write to the town council to inform them of the “knock on effect” the increased parking charges were having on our patients.
Area Patient Group Report
PRG/PPG Network meeting for East Leicestershire & Rutland report:-
Sustainable General Practice – 5 Year Forward View – Tim Sacks, Chief Operating Officer for ELRCCG

  • Primary Care is the hub of the Health Service and must be sustained into the future to

    • Accommodate the reasonable needs of all patients.
    • Give more time to patients with complex needs.
    • Provide access on the day for minor injuries and acute illness, where possible between 8.30am and 6.30pm.

Over the year, A&E saw 60,000 patients who could have been treated in the community at GP practices or an Urgent Care Centre.   Better information needs to be available and, within the ELRCCG, it would be beneficial for all centres to operate the same opening times Monday-Friday and at weekends and Bank Holidays.

  • Technical support – 20 out of the 31 practices in the ELRCCG operate SystmOne along with District Nurses.  Others are using EMIS, with 4 transferring to SystmOne this year.
  • Basic Summary Care Records – the new enhanced system will offer more information for A&E and/or Out Of Hours Doctors and we are all encouraged to opt in to enable our records to be accessed when needed.
  • Workforce – within our area, there is a concern that many nurses are nearing retirement.

Urgent Care Re-valuation  - Paula Vaughan, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

  • Confusion with opening times which vary within our area is being addressed.  It was admitted that our area had a gap and many patients went “over the border” to St Cross, Rugby.  Walsgrave Hospital is an excellent facility but there are problems with incompatible IT and accessing reports over a county border.
  • The agreed new housing would increase need and it was confirmed that Blaby & Lutterworth area has been ear-marked for an Urgent Care Centre.

Settings of Care – Carmel O’Brien, Chief Nurse & Quality Officer and Dr Hilary Fox, GP & ELRCCG Board Member

  • Continuing care is complex and difficult – medical care needed either at home or elsewhere.
  • Process is defined by a check list from Department of Health.
  • Costs in our area are high, with no apparent reason, so they need to be reduced.
  • Assessment is carried out when a patient leaves acute hospital setting, taking into account predicted future needs of patient using NHS scale.
  • After consultation with patients and families in the ELRCCG, the extra spend has now been reduced from +25% to +10%, however, in exceptional circumstances, for example, end of life, if patient is safe in setting, no change will be made.  This is not liked by some carers and given a choice some would choose to pay extra cost.

Out of 31 Practices invited, 11 were represented at the event.  Following each presentation there was a Q&A session and a full report was sent out to attendees.
Meeting closed at 8.15pm with Dr Johnson/Alison thanking all members for attending.
Date of next meeting – 5 December 2017

Friends and Family test

The practice would like to remind patients to take part in our short Friends & Family test each time they visit the surgery.

Please click / tap below to take part

National Association for Patient Participation

Patient participation is a unique partnership between patients, GPs and their practice which is essential to and results in high quality and responsive care.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) work in partnership with their practices to:

  • help patients to take more responsibility for their health.
  • contribute to the continuous improvement of services and quality of care
  • foster improved communication between the practice and its patient
  • provide practical support for the practice and help to implement change

For more information please visit the NAPP Website.

You can view their latest news here.

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