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The Wycliffe Medical Practice
The Wycliffe Medical Practice Lutterworth Medical Centre Gilmorton Road Lutterworth LE17 4EB
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Our Patient Group

Our meetings are informal with GPs and staff providing news and updates about the services we provide.  We often ask for advice and feedback to help develop and improve our services.  We also discuss what is going on in the wider health community.  Each year our Patient Group helps us to prepare a patient survey and to agree action points from your feedback.

Meetings are held approximately bi-monthly, from 7-8.30pm.  If you would like to join us please tell a member of our reception team or email us at
If you are unable to attend or prefer not to attend the meetings but still wish to  be involved we can add you to our Online Patient Group and send you information and also seek you opinions and feedback from time to time via email.  Please click below to join our Online Patient Group:If you would like to speak to a member of our Patient Group to find out more, please let us know and we will arrange for them to contact you.

You can read the minutes of our last meeting below:

Patient Group Meeting: 6 February 2018
Attendees:   Dr Johnson, Alison Shenton, Lynda Watts

Practice News
Car Park Update  
The new car park restrictions are now in place.   Initially, warning notices were issued but Harborough District is now issuing parking fine notices. Harborough Council report the issue of warning notices for the first two weeks of January seemed to remove some of the persistent offenders.  They have been issuing penalty notices since mid- January; reporting “several”, they will send us a quarterly report at the end of March which will be shared with the group. 
Social Care
We have two new associated team members who will provide useful links to Social Care.
Lesley Oldfield, Social Care Link Worker, does not replace safeguarding procedures but can invite patients to discuss their health and social care needs and provide a safety net for patients.  Lesley will be able to point patients to groups and departments within Social Care to help.  In addition, during the course of our daily routines at the Practice, we will be looking out for people who would benefit from this kind of friendly intervention and support.
Lynne Brydon-Graham Local Area Co-ordinator, has already run a session and has another planned in February primarily to make patients & locals aware of what’s going on in the area.   
Answerphone messages
We are in the process of changing the message patients receive when they call into the Practice; research shows that a patient is more likely to give details of their illness if they know that the GP has asked for this information.  We are hoping that patients, on hearing the message from one of our GP partners, will feel more comfortable giving brief details to the receptionists in order to direct them to the most appropriate practitioner.
We already have a 24hr Prescription Line answerphone, however, we are proposing to change the system so that for a period of 2 hours/day patients will be able to call and speak to a member of the prescriptions team. 
New appointments system
Plans are progressing well and we are planning to launch on 12th March.  Two of our receptionists visited the Practice in Ibstock who have been operating this system and were reassured and very positive about the changes.   Alison explained that we need to have a blank appointment book of about 3 weeks ready for the start of the new system.   The question of DNAs was raised and as the majority of DNAs occur when a patient has booked an appointment in advance, hopefully, we will see a drop in non-attendance.
Radio System in Practice – The group was asked about music being played in the Waiting Room.  This would be a cost effective service based in Lutterworth.  It is felt that having music can improve confidentiality when discussing health matters with the receptionists in the waiting room.  Health bulletins could be included on air time. The Practice would welcome members’ comments on this - the radio station is currently available on the internet – please see link
Select the station labelled; M - Cross Counties Radio Magna Park
Private Prescriptions
This is a controversial issue and different practices have different views.   Dr Johnson outlined the 3 parts of this practice and asked for views from the group.
Part One – Some patients elect to go to private consultations and sometimes a private script is issued and patients then need to collect their medication and pay at the private in-house pharmacy.   Many patients decide not to do this, either for timing or cost reasons, and request a prescription from us which is cheaper than the private ones and free for over 65s.
Part Two – Patients attend an NHS Hospital appointment and their consultant is supposed to issue them with 1 month’s supply of required medication on a hospital form which can be redeemed in their pharmacy (idea is that the cost of the prescription is included in the tariff when going to see consultant).  Very often patients bring their hospital scripts saying “the consultant says I need it now”.   Some GP practices say “No – you should collect from hospital”.  Many practices agree but maintain that the usual rules apply, eg 48 hours turn around. This can sometimes be a challenge as we may have to contact the consultant to decipher the writing & we often do not receive the discharge letter from the hospital for 1-2 weeks.
Part Three – Very frequently we receive requests for 5pm scripts – some of which are urgent and we would always attend to these, however, others such a paracetamol, anti-histamine, etc are not.   Within our hub, some practices only issue 5pm scripts for life threatening medication and all other requests are made available in 48hrs.
It was agreed that the following information should be given:-

  • Private prescriptions to be converted to NHS in 48 hours.
  • Hospital issued prescription requests in 48 hours.
  • A list of common medications which are available over the counter to be made available & suggestion to go and buy if required immediately and script to be available in 48 hours.

Flu Immunisations for 2018-19 Season
A new “Adjuvanted Trivalent Vaccine” has been licenced which is by far the most effective type of vaccine for over 65 year olds.  For next year’s flu season, we have taken the decision to order sufficient of the new vaccines for all our patients over 65.  Research shows also that the quadrivalent strain is better that the trivalent and we have therefore order sufficient for our under 65s who are eligible for vaccination, eg, chronic diseases, pregnant women, etc.   We have also arranged to have the vaccines delivered earlier this year. Latest guidance from NHS England is advising practices to follow exactly the route we had already planned.
CCG Items
Enhanced Summary Care Record
We currently have 27% of patients with ESCR and we are continuing to promote the benefits to all our patients.
Text Messaging Service
New system for patients to respond to SMS questions and automatically goes into patient record.  We are in the process of signing up patients to this system which reduces margin for error and saves on staff time.
South Blaby & Lutterworth Hub
The members, consisting of two practices in Lutterworth, two in Blaby and 1 in Countesthorpe meet twice monthly to discuss best practice and share information.  All five practices have similar ethos and demographics and work together to ensure that services and information for all our patients are consistent within the group to ensure all local patients are treated fairly.  Our hub feels that we, as practices, benefit from the collaboration but so do our patients.
Patient Group Items
Diana & Mike attended the PPG/PRG Blaby & Lutterworth Locality meeting on Monday 29 January.
Mike, who attended for the first time, found the meeting interesting and would encourage other members to attend.  Please see their report which is attached to these minutes.
The question of gritting in the car park was raised.   The landlord has a contract with a private provider, however, during the particularly snowy weather earlier this winter, they hadn’t realised that there were two areas to grit and only partially treated the area.  The situation has now been rectified and gritting has been carried out successfully on several occasions.
Dates for this year’s meetings:-
17 April
26 June
9 October
4 December

Friends and Family test

The practice would like to remind patients to take part in our short Friends & Family test each time they visit the surgery.

Please click / tap below to take part

National Association for Patient Participation

Patient participation is a unique partnership between patients, GPs and their practice which is essential to and results in high quality and responsive care.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) work in partnership with their practices to:

  • help patients to take more responsibility for their health.
  • contribute to the continuous improvement of services and quality of care
  • foster improved communication between the practice and its patient
  • provide practical support for the practice and help to implement change

For more information please visit the NAPP Website.

You can view their latest news here.

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