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Coronavirus Vaccine – Update 11/01/2021
As everyone is now aware both the Wycliffe Medical Practice and the Masharani Practice have been working with colleagues in the South Blaby & Lutterworth PCN (Primary Care Network) to deliver Covid vaccinations to our patients in order of clinical priority and vaccine availability.

Vaccinations are currently being offered to patients based on their level of risk and these priority groups are determined centrally by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

Our current vaccination clinics are being held at The Kube, Leicester Racecourse, Oadby and so far we have vaccinated 800 patients from the Lutterworth Area since Christmas.

N/B: There are plans to start providing vaccinations in the Lutterworth area, however as of yet nothing has been confirmed and its vitally important that patients with confirmed appointments at the Kube attend this appointment and do not cancel…
The current priority categories are below, in order of priority:

  1. Residents in a care home for older adults and their carers;
  2. All those 80 years of age and over and over and frontline health and social care workers
  3. All those 75 years of age
  4. All those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals;
    Patients will be contacted for their appointment. Please DO NOT contact the Practice to ask when your appointment will be as the reception team will not be able to tell you.

If you are offered a vaccine appointment, we ask that you arrive on time, to make sure that you are wearing a mask and adhere to government social distancing guidelines.
Following on from the above priority categories:

  1. All those 65 years of age and over;
  2. All individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality;
  3. All those 60 years of age and over;
  4. All those 55 years of age and over; and
  5. All those 50 years of age and over.
    The patient allocation is not within our control and we can only vaccinate patients within the above categories, in order of priority.  It is likely to take several months to work through the categories so those in the lower categories should not expect to hear from us for quite some time. There is also no confirmed information about vaccinations for patients not included in the above cohorts.

A number of patients will have been expecting their second Covid vaccination and will be receiving  a letter to cancel this to enable more first doses to be given. The practice will be in touch with a re-arranged date as soon as we are able. If you have a query about this please phone East Leicestershire & Rutland CCG on 0116 295 7572

Both the Wycliffe and Masharani Practices are working together to deliver the vaccine and we will look to update our websites when we have new information.


Letter from our doctors to our patients - please click here

The NHS in England and Public Health England (PHE) are well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases. The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal.
The latest information on symptoms of coronavirus can be found on
Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms
Stay at home for if you have either:

  • a high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • a new, continuous cough – this means you've started coughing repeatedly
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you're staying at home.
Testing for coronavirus is not needed if you're staying at home.
Recent texts/letter about 12 Week isolation for At Risk Groups
Who is at high risk? You may be at high risk from coronavirus if you:

  • have had an organ transplant
  • are having certain types of cancer treatment
  • have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia
  • have a severe lung condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma
  • have a condition that makes you much more likely to get infections
  • are taking medicine that weakens your immune system
  • are pregnant and have a serious heart condition

If you're at high risk, you will be contacted by the NHS by Sunday 29 March 2020. Do not contact your GP or healthcare team at this stage – wait to be contacted. GPs do not have any other information than is available on the NHS website.


Guidance notes for patients requesting exemption letters for Face Coverings
We are aware that some patients might be understandably anxious about the Government’s recent announcements around the use of face masks in various public settings.
Some people don’t have to wear a face covering including for health, age or equality reasons. Some transport staff may not wear a face covering if it is not required for their job.
Your GP is not in a position to provide individual risk assessments or letters for patients who feel that they should be exempt from wearing a face mask.
The government guidance on exemptions suggests there is no requirement for evidence for exemption therefore it is sufficient for an individual to self-declare this. The responsibility for issuing exemptions lies with the transport provider not your GP. Similarly, practices are under no obligation to provide letters of support for anyone who does not fall under the list of exemptions but considers them to have another reason to be exempted.
Government advice on the use of face coverings can be found here – there is also a useful website which gives clear guidance has exemption cards embedded you can use for self-declaration :
Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Local Medical Committee has therefore prepared this guidance note as the statutory body that advises and supports all GPs and practice teams across both counties.

Rescue Medication for Asthmatics and COPD patients
Despite recent media discussion on Facebook etc. guidance states that there is usually no need for asthmatics to have Rescue medication packs. The only group of patients requiring these is patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) with a breathless scale of 3 or greater.  GPs at this time are generally NOT issuing anyone outside of this group with rescue pack medication.
Up to date information can be found at:

If you have questions about inhalers for your Asthma please read this first.

Additional useful links

New easy read information about Coronavirus

We have been working with Public Health England to make some easy read information about Coronavirus (sometimes called COVID-19).

Coronavirus is a new illness that can affect your lungs and your breathing.

This easy read information tells you about 5 things that everyone can do to help stop you and other people getting Coronavirus.

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